Bolton Hospice Fundraising

The principle of giving charity is one that spans all cultures and religious faiths, making it an important means of establishing a social safety net for those in need.

The concept of charitable giving in Islam is a very broad one, the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has said:

“Every good deed is charity”

 Helping those who are less fortunate or those who are in need, whether that is financially or otherwise has always been a corner stone in Islam.

So with the saying “charity begins at home” in mind and pursuing our objectives of educating our students and developing them into exemplary citizens, during September 2012 as part of our community outreach programmes Al Jamiatul Islamiyyah decided to organise a fundraising event to raise money and help with a charitable organisation in our own  community.

A short-list of 5 charities was produced, which included Ummah Welfare Trust and the Bolton Learning and Development Centre. After much consultation between staff and students, it was decided that the charity that would benefit from our fundraising should be the Bolton Hospice.

Bolton Hospice exists to provide specialist palliative and end of life care that focuses on symptom control whilst also supporting people and their families to live well through the course of their illness and to cope with end of life.

On the Thursday 18th October the whole school was briefed on the fundraising programme, students were given background information about the Hospice, what they do? Who they help? Where are they based? And why we should help them.

Students were then given a letter explaining the fundraising programme and a chart to help them keep track of the money they raise. They were asked to use their Eid-ul-Adha vacations to help the hospice.

Staff and students at Al Jamiah managed to raise a sum of £168.60. A cheque for £170 was written out and on a pre-arranged date 3 students and 2 members of staff went down to the Hospice for a tour of the site and  to present the cheque.



From Left to right: Jamal Husaain, Shahanoor Rahman, Sajid Mohammed, and Stephanie Moor