Community Clean-Up

While people generally consider cleanliness a desirable attribute, Islam insists on it, making it an indispensible fundamental of the faith. A Muslim is required to be pure physically as well as spiritually and morally. Through the teachings of the Qur’an and the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) Islam requires a Muslim to purify and sanitize his entire way of life. The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) has said:

“Cleanliness is half of faith”

The Islamic way of living is thus based on a foundation of purity and cleanliness that extends over the entire spectrum of life. Muslims are taught the importance of leading a sanitized lifestyle, ensuring their homes, schools, places of work and surroundings in general remain pristine and immaculate. Keeping these Islamic teachings in mind and the goal of improving the standards throughout our neighbourhood in sight, whilst putting our outreach motto “Touching the community, improving life” into practice, during January 2012 the Staff and Students at Al Jamiatul Islamiyah initiated “The Big Clean Up”.  This is a community regeneration programme for the area of Deane, where staff and students of Al Jamiah volunteer on Saturday afternoons to pick up litter and clean the streets throughout our locality.

With the guidance of the staff and senior management team of Al Jamiah, who seek to instil the concept of “the bigger society” into our students, teaching them the value of public service and the sheer determination and resolve of the pupils themselves to give back to their neighbourhood, this programme has become a much loved part of the school’s weekend schedule.

Students who wish to participate must give their names into the administration office by 4pm on Thursday afternoon, after which groups consisting of 5 students each are made and designated specific areas of Deane. Each group is supervised and led by a member of staff. On Friday the names of the students in each group, their team leader and the area they have been designated are put up on the notice boards. On Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm the groups are assembled in the main prayer hall, where each person is given a litter picker, disposable gloves and a fluorescent safety jacket. The students are then given a briefing on road safety and general health and safety good practices. Each team is then led out by their team leader to their designated area. The clean up begins at 2pm and ends at 4pm with a 15 minute break in-between.

In return the people of Deane have been outspoken in their support and appreciation of these endeavours, constantly thanking and praising the efforts of the students through letters and cards of gratitude and gratefulness. This feedback is much welcomed by the staff and students alike, encouraging them and giving them the strength of will to maintain their hard work.

From left to right: The very first volunteers Kamran Asgar, Rahel Miah, Murshid Kamali, Abdur Rahim, Shah Hassan, Mushtaq Azad.

From left to right: The very first volunteers Kamran Asgar, Rahel Miah, Murshid Kamali, Abdur Rahim, Shah Hassan, Mushtaq Azad.


Litter 2

The volunteers with M Monzur in the Willows Park located opposite The Willows Campus

Litter 3

Mushtaq Azad and Rahel Miah on Willows Lane

 Litter 4

                  The BIG BOLTON TIDY-UP