Q. Does this Darul Uloom accommodate for girls?

A. This is a Boys only Institute and thus we do not accommodate for girls.

Q. From which age does this Darul Uloom accommodate for Students?

A. Only students at a Secondary Level of 11 years of age onwards can apply.

Q. Does my son need to register with the local doctor?

A. If your son is residential, Al-Jamiah will register him with the local Doctor when he joins.

Q. I want to take my son on holiday.  Is this possible in term time?

A. Parents should not organise any holidays during term time as it has a detrimental effect on studies and sets a poor example.  All holidays in term time need prior permission from the principal. Any absence without prior permission from the principal may result in the student being removed from the school register.  All absences need to be accounted for with a note or a telephone call from home on the first day of each absence.

Q. When will I receive reports about my son’s progress?

A. If your child is in Hifz Class you will receive reports about his progress on a six-weekly basis. If your child is in Alim Class you will receive reports after each examination module.

Q. How often can my son come home (if he is residential)?

A. AJI has a fixed yearly calendar which can be found in the Resource Centre. According to the calendar, students can  go home every four weeks on a Friday after Jumu’ah and return on Sunday before 6:00 pm.

Q. Can my son have a mobile phone in AJI?

A. Possession and carrying of mobile phones by Pupils/Students is strictly prohibited on Darul Uloom premises. Exception to this are:

  • Student Mentors/ tutors who have responsibilities, for which special permission has been obtained from the Principal.

Any individual who is caught in possession of a mobile phone will have it confiscated. It will be returned only to the Parent/Guardian.

Q. Can my son keep electrical items in AJI?

A. Pupils are not permitted to have electrical equipment for health and safety reasons.  Students may use electrical equipment in designated rooms with the permission of AJI. All electrical items must be registered and PAT tested.

Q. How much spending money can my son keep with him (if he is residential)?

A. You may submit any amount of spending money to the bursar for safekeeping.  Your son is only permitted to keep a maximum of £5 on person at any time.  The bursar is available to give out money on Monday and Friday at break-time.