History of Al Jamiah

•With the effort and concern of a dedicated group of Muslims in the North-West, a property in the area of Bromley Cross was purchased in 1992 for the propagation of Islamic Education.

• In June 1993 Al Jamiatul Islamiyah opened its doors to the general Muslim population. Initially four students enrolled as full-time residents.

• Over the years with the ever-increasing influx of students at the institute, Darul Uloom soon outgrew its premises and  in the summer of 2005, a new site was purchased in the Deane area approximately 7 miles away from the Bromley Cross.

• After a year of renovation on the new site, the building gained its approval from relevant inspectoral parties in April 2006.

• In May 2006, Darul Uloom completed its full transfer to the new site.

• As the standards of Darul Uloom rapidly progressed, so did its reputation and demand. As a result, a neighbouring building formerly serving as a public house was purchased and renovated in 2008 to accommodate this demand.

• Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of the Almighty and the Du’as of our well-wishers, Darul Uloom still continues to thrive today, striving to provide the highest level of Education and nurturing to our students.