“I am grateful and indebted for the time I spent at Darul Uloom Bolton. The excellence of Darul Uloom faculties, the zeal of the students and Darul Uloom’s commitment to the education of the future generations of Muslims in England and around the world have placed Darul Uloom Bolton at the forefront of Islamic higher education” (Maulana Monzur Ahmed- Ustaad/Administrator)

“Every institute in the world teaches its students a profession; this one taught me to be a human” (Mufti Talha Malji- Ustaad/Teacher/Imaam of Masjid Usman, Bolton)

“Darul Uloom is a haven of knowledge, spirituality and self-development. We enter to learn and exit to serve” (Maulana Hassan Bashir – Imaam of Masjid-e-Noor, Bolton)

“Darul Uloom has a very homely, friendly environment with a strong sense of brotherhood. The students have a genuine zeal for knowledge” (Maulana Jubrul Khan – Imaam of Masjid-e-Taqwa, Bolton)

“The strong Islamic ethos pervades every aspect of school life and contributes to the high standard of spiritual and moral development of pupils and students” (BSI Inspectorate)

“…..their (students) behaviour is excellent and their spiritual and moral development is outstanding” (BSI Inspectorate)

“Because the Alim Class is of good quality, students are successful in reaching very good standards, with particular excellence in the Hifz” (BSI Inspectorate)

“….their (students) behaviour is excellent; they are polite and courteous to all, in and outside the classrooms” (BSI Inspectorate)