Al Jamiatul Islamiyyah strives to accommodate every facility possible within our scope to ensure our Students have a pleasant and enjoyable stay. Some of the facilities we provide are;

ICT Rooms: AJI has two computer suites that provide students with access to software and the internet for educational and research purposes. The computer room has  PC’s running a wide variety of software, ranging from general ‘office’ type applications to course specific software.

Libraries: AJI has two libraries open to students for reading and borrowing books.  The libraries contain Islamic, Secular, Fiction and Non-Fiction books of various genres. Books are regularly bought and stocked.

Games Room: At specified times, students can visit the Games Room, where they can play Pool, Air Hockey and Table Football.

Football and Cricket Pitch: Students can play Football and Cricket on our specially marked pitches.

Laundry: Boarding students can wash, dry and iron their clothes in the Laundry Room. Tokens for appliances can be purchased from the Tuck Shop.