Darul Uloom Masjid Carpet

The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has said:

 Whoever (helps) construct a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise”

 The Darul Uloom Masjid was fully furnished with new Musallah carpet approximately 8 years ago. This carpet had been under continuous use over the last 8 years. The carpet had been worn out and required changing.

The staff and students of Darul Uloom expressed a desire to earn eternal Tĥawaab and reward, for both themselves and deceased relatives, they wished to contribute towards replacing the carpet; the cost of replacement would be approximately £5000

As you will appreciate, over 300 students perform their Salaah in the Masjid everyday and a number of Deeni talks, presentations, classes and seminars take place there.

We calculated the cost of one Musallah to be £16.00.

Alhamdulillah many of our staff, students and parents took up this opportunity and through the grace of the Almighty and the efforts of all our well wishers the Masjid carpet was replaced.

May the Almighty reward us all with the highest rank in Jannah.

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